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Again its been another period of absence, and I apologise, but I have returned, and with a great game!

Drawn to Life is almost exactly what it sounds like. You are the hero, a old wooden mannequin brought to life by a God (who is essentially the player) and you are asked to make right what is wrong in the little world of these strange bunny like creatures (Sorry, I haven’t played in a while so I’ve forgotten the names of them).

The game is compelling, to say the least. Literally everything they ask you to draw is implemented into the game. From clouds, to springs, to submarines, even your hero is drawn by you. It makes you feel a little more involved with the game itself. The idea of using your own creations to play the game puts you on a whole new level. Ever thought, “Wow, if I made that, I would want it to look like this?”. Well, now’s your chance. They also offer TONS of palettes of colors, so you’re never lacking any colors, or limited to just one shade of every color.

The gameplay is a little simplistic for more hardcore gamers, but there’s no doubt that the drawing of everything will keep you more than occupied. There are tons of secrets and unlockables to keep you going at it for a good while. There wasn’t any point in the game where I felt like I was doing something repetitive.

The music in the game is really great. THQ wasn’t always my favorite publisher, but they seemed to work well with 5TH Cell, and composed a decent soundtrack. Granted I wouldn’t go to the Overclocked Remix site and download their music, but it wasn’t annoying enough to just shut off and have a different source of music.

One of the downfalls I think is that sometimes they ask you to draw a bit too much. Say if you draw a cloud, and you happen to come across the same cloud a few stages later, they’ll give you the option to redraw it. Its a little annoying, seeing as how you’re allowed to edit the first time you draw something as much as you want. The only other nuisance is for people like me who have no artistic skill. My hero was named Insomnia, and basically he was all black, with white circles for eyes and a mouth. It was really a sad sight to see. Haha. They do offer character templates, so you’re never left hanging.

Overall, the game is a great game for the DS library. The little fuzzball people are quirky and lovable, the storyline is decently strung together, and add in the fact that you draw your own graphics for just about everything, and you’ve got yourself a solid game that is Drawn To Life.


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