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So, I was extremely skeptical about this game, even if it was an Atlus game. I shouldn’t have been though. Within the first ten minutes I was drawn in, and I didn’t want to put the game down.

Dokapon’s plot is that you must save the kingdom from the evils that are now roaming the land, and as a reward, you get the hand of Princess Penny to marry (even if you’re a female character). Sounds simple enough, right? Hah. If only. Allow me first to explain the game mechanics.

The game is played similar to a Mario Party style board game. Players are to spin a dial, and move that many spaces across the board accordingly. Players may move in any direction they wish, but must continue on a forward pattern (in other words, no moving back and forth between only two spaces). Landing on certain spaces do certain things, and so on. The twist to the game is that it’s also an RPG, in that you battle, gain experience for your character and level up. It’s really wild the way they incorporate it. Using these mechanics, you liberate towns and try your best to become the wealthiest character by the end of the game.

However, your friends or the AI will always be trying to foil you, by stealing your gold/towns, changing your character name and hair style, or even drawing graffiti on your character. The game is very vengeful, and creates much animosity between the players that are competing. It’s quite hilarious, to be honest. You can be downright brutal to the players in the game.

You may also fight any character you wish at any given time, provided you land on their space. When building a character, you get to choose a class, giving you a multitude of skills to work with. You can only carry two skills at a time though, which could get a little irritating at time, but not enough to destroy the novelty of the game.

The only real downfall is the lack of the single player excitement. Playing a four player game with three AI seems to deplete the novelty of it all. Other than that, I really don’t see much being wrong.

Overall, it seemed like it was a great party game. I can’t really say that it was the best Atlus ever made, but they truly surprised me. It makes me further believe I should never doubt their purchases.

7.0 / 10

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