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Aquatic Ambience started off as a small website built from MyOtaku ( to write game reviews. I moved over to WordPress to further meet my needs, and realised that my site was still missing something. Reviews were working just fine, but people don’t just want reviews. After all, anyone can write a review, right?

I decided to rethink my reviews. How could I make my writing stand out among so many other young, aspiring writers? I do not use pictures, because nine times out of ten they have been stolen and recycled more times than I care to count. I do not make my own screenshots, and I do not feel right using them for my reviews. I decided that I would write with an unbiased take on everything. Tell you simply about the game, with my feelings held off for the very end (or at the very least, separate from the actual content). What you are given is a raw, very informative review that expresses exactly what a game is, with no scoring system to weigh it down or show bias.

Even after all that, I still felt like the site was lacking, and then I read an opinionated article. Something that struck me and I felt I wanted to speak out on it, but didn’t know where to put it. Should I put it in a separate blog? That would be silly, I already have more blogs than I know what to do with. Then, it hit me. I should keep them in here, with my reviews because this blog needs a little taste of me. The reason people have unique blogs is because somewhere in there, they have a touch of them in it. It’s not always about being unbiased and completely gray. I even know a girl who dances on YouTube for the sake of her blog (… really). So I decided that my writing will incorporate that as well.

So, after a very lengthy intro, I wholeheartedly welcome you to Aquatic Ambience; a site dedicated to writing unbiased reviews of games of all generations, on multiple platforms, as well as updates on the industry and my personal take on them. I hope to not only provide you with enough information to make informed game purchasing decisions, but also with information to keep you in the loop with all things gaming.


Editor’s Note: You may notice that my reviews no longer carry scores; that is because I do not believe a game can earn a score. What I may think of as a ten, you may call a five. It is unfair and biased of me to peg a game with a label as harsh as a rating scale, and therefore, I no longer am doing that. Instead you will see my experience and feelings while playing the game, and I’ll let you know of the pros and cons I have found during that experience.


All of the work listed here is copywrite of Peter Thomas, 2011. My work is not to be redistributed, printed, publicly displayed or otherwise copied without my prior consent. Any form of action as mentioned previously will be considered plagiarism and not be tolerated. I have worked hard to write each and every single one of my individual reviews and wish for my work to remain mine and mine alone, again, unless otherwise stated. Thank you.

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