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This is just a few links and such to places that I enjoy being. I hope you enjoy them too.

MyOtaku – My old game review website. – A central hub to all things me.

Gaming Related:

An amazing site dedicated to empowering gamers to defend their rights to play games.

The Gaming Effect – A website that I write for. A great group with awesome opinions on games.
Real Otaku Gamer – Another website that I write for. More diverse in its scope, yet an awesome community to be around.



An insanely amusing artists who enjoys puns and twisting life into humor that even I couldn't fathom.

Corpse Run Comics – A gentleman who plays video games, likes the NY Jets and writes funny comics based on life and the aforementioned that ease my into my week. Updates Mondays and Thursdays.
Calm Blue Oceans – Thoughts about life, beautifully illustrated and sure to make you reconsider your view on life.
Pins and Needles –  A drama comic about an extremely interesting and lovable cast. Updated Tuesdays and Fridays.

Other Interests:

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