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Revisions of Scope, Depth, and Breadth:

AA2.0 – It’s been almost a year, and I had come to a revelation that my website’s scope is too narrow. Anyone in the world can write a review. A select few can write a review well. Personality, however,  can only be shown by discussing industry topics, and I am glad to have discovered that. The whole site underwent a new makeover, taking out old sections that do not matter anymore, and revamping the ‘About’ page to more effectively capture my scope. It was practically an overhaul into something very new.

AA1.1 – Went through a big phase where I felt all of my social networks needed a change, but I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to do it. I revamped the mission and vision of this website, gave it a new layout, took a step back and evaluated, only to change again. I went through this process maybe about six  times before I finally found something I was content with. No major changes to content.

AA1.0 – The birth of a new site. This was the initial migration over from, which had served its purpose for what it was, but had ultimately met its end in terms of what I was looking for. I had migrated all of my writing over to here, labeled them appropriately, and so forth. And thus, Aquatic Ambience was born.

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