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Resident Evil 5 – Capcom – Playstation 3

This game is epic. There is no if’s and’s or but’s about it.

First off, the storyline is epic. EPIC! They fill in just about every single plot hole and make sense of everything. Like, I haven’t beaten a few of the mainstream RE games, and I still got things answered for me that I had questions for. It was that. good.

Visually, the game is impeccable. All of the infected people are insanely detailed. Chris Redfield got a HUGE makeover. And by huge, I mean his biceps have more rips than an old pair of jeans. He’s got a new hairstyle too, to keep up with today’s modern styles. And Sheva has some bangin’ curves. There were three things I stared at in the game: the zombies, my health, and Sheva’s butt. Her accent is pretty stupid though. It’s like a cross between African and British. Africish? Ugh. It’s bad.

For those of you who loved the new style of gameplay they implemented in RE4, rejoice, because it is back and better than ever. They allow you to have a set of controls with strafing if you want, but I just stuck to the plain old RE4 controls. They are much tighter in this game (I tried going back to RE4, and thought there was something wrong with my controller). But it handles really well, with very little problems. The camera cooperates very well, unless you’re using the Gatling gun. The backpack is way too big.

Oh. The biggest thing about RE5? Two player co-op. Hell. YES. Wonderful, flawless, and a damn necessity on the harder difficulties.

The only complaint I have is the stupidity of your AI. Sheva is really useless on the harder difficulties, unless I just haven’t mastered the technique right or something. But the harder the game is, the more of a liability she is. It’s seriously the only complaint I have. Well that and when the frick the next RE game is coming!

If you own a PS3, you need this game. Period. End of discussion.

9.5 / 10


Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney – Capcom – Nintendo DS

Haha, at first glance I didn’t even want to touch this game. I mean, how much fun can a lawyer game be anyways? How mistaken I was.

The game stars you as Phoenix Wright, a brand new defense attorney fresh off the bar and into the world. Your mentor, Mia Fey, is there to guide you through your steps as a lawyer, and its up to you to (obviously) win the cases.

The gameplay isn’t so much like action adventure. I’m not entirely sure what to call this genre of game besides like text base logic or something like that. The game itself is pretty straightforward, with no multiple path endings or anything like that. However, the characters within the story are amazing. Each one seems to have his or her own outstanding personality, and really add a unique touch to the game. The dialogue is also quite hilarious, with Phoenix doing a lot of witty thinking when characters are talking. The game also has some unique twists in the storyline, which keep you guessing a good bit of the time. There hasn’t been a time yet when I’ve been able to solve a murder case just by looking at the characters.

Overall, the game is solid, and its actually quite hard to write a review on this kind of game in particular. Howeveer, I do recommend you at least giving it a shot. I have no doubt in my mind you’ll enjoy it a lot.

7.5 / 10