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Excite Truck – Nintendo – Nintendo Wii

When I first looked at this game, I was so skeptical about it. I peered it and eyeballed it and even tried a demo in a store, and still wasn’t impressed with it. But I figured, what the hell, I’m going to rent it and see what its all about. And now, after playing for at least 2 and a half hours, I’m going to buy it.

Gosh, where to start? The speed in this game is just out of this world. It puts a new meaning to you’re either first or last. And let me tell you, if you try and blink, you will be last. Don’t think its too fast to play though, its perfect in that aspect. The game is just…whoa. Imagine if you syphoned down like 4 energy drinks. That would be the equivilent of the speed this game is on. Its insane.

Its not your typical racer either. The game is all about the high flying, rubber burning speed from start to end. The jumps in this game are phenominal, and its just like, you can’t help but laugh when you come crashing on top of someone, or when you’re playing two players, and your friend laughs because you hit a jump and they see you fly in front of them on their screen. Its just outrageous how much fun this game can be.

The controls I’m happy, and a little disappointed in. But not disappointed in the wrong ways mind you. What they did for the controls works. They have the buttons doing your gas, brakes, and boost, while tilting your controller back and forth is the way to steer. They are flawless in this manner, and work wonderously with the game. However, a method of switching over to normal controls would have been a bit of a help, because there have been times when I forgot that if you’re not holding the controller horizontal, then your truck will drift off to either side. It became a fuss when I started getting tired, and wanted to lay down. Haha.

Visually, the game is beautiful. The graphics are rendered well, and things are smooth. Even with mass chaos going on (truck wrecks, flames from your boosts, etc) there isn’t one drop of lag, which makes for a promising game. The only time the game slows down is when you wreck, but its intentional to dramatize the crash.

Now, something that really put the icing on the cake is custom soundtracks. Should you have an SD card loaded into your Wii, with MP3’s on there, the game will recognize them, and you can jam to your favorite hits while you race. I nearly had a stroke when I saw the option. And chaning your music is easy as pie. I’ve never played a racing game that was this user friendly. It just really amazed me.

Overall the game is marvelous, and going from not really wanting to play, to oh my God I need this game right now, is really something, especially for me. If you own a Wii, you should defintely have this game as well.


9.0 / 10