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Pokemon Diamond – GameFreak – Nintendo DS

Okay, don’t laugh. We’ve ALL played at least one Pokemon game in our life, and this is no exception. I skipped out on a generation of Pokemon, so I decided to hop back in it. It was a great time to do so too.

The basic understanding of Pokemon is simple: To capture and train all of the Pokemon there are. I think currently there are over 450 different types of Pokemon. Yeah, that’s a lot.

This game in particular has added a lot of new features to the game. The battles can be all touch screen now, with a wonderful layout to assist in it. The graphics have also been updated, with 2D character sprites, and 3D world maps. Its pretty awesome looking.

The Pokemon themselves, well, I’m not sure what to say. I personally think they should have stopped when they had 252, but that’s just me. They’ve started losing the originality, resulting in names like Kricketot, and Bidoof. However, its not enough to skip the game entirely.

If you’re a fan, or haven’t played a game in a while, this is definitely a must have for any DS owner, however if you’ve been playing hard core for the past 8 years, then maybe you might wanna wait this one out. The features are nice, but you’re not getting too much new, minus some fancy touch screen perks.

Been playing – 6.5 / 10
New/skipped generations – 7.0 / 10