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Katamari Forever – NamcoBandai – PS3

This is the third Katamari game I’ve played out of the five they have out, and let me tell you, each one is just as fun as the last. This one might be my favorite though.

The objective of the game, for those of you who may not be familiar with the series, is to take your katamari and roll up objects around an environment, in an attempt to make your katamari as big as the goal. You can only roll up objects that are smaller than your current katamari size, so it’s similar to the snowball effect.

Now I know this sounds boring and simple, and in theory it is, but something about this game is so compelling that you want to play so much more of it. The control scheme is simple, you can play through the entire game with just your joysticks. They’ve added in other features, such as jumping and what have you, but we’re just going to disregard that, because it doesn’t play too much of a role. But yes, two joysticks is how you move through each level, sucking up as much stuff as you can.

There is lots of stuff to collect, as each item picked up is added into your library. Perfectionists like myself will have a good time getting all the items, finding all the cousins, collecting the presents, and making the biggest stars. So while the gameplay itself is simple, there is some depth.

I have yet to figure out what the storyline of the videos have to do with anything that’s going on in the game. It’s so insanely random it blows even my mind. I do enjoy the eccentric humor though, and find myself chuckling at the way things unfold. The actual story of the game (and why you’re rolling katamari) is pretty straightforward.

The one thing that blows this game above the rest of the games is the OST. Katamari Damacy has always had really great music, but this soundtrack is full of remixes that just make your ears sing. I can’t get enough of it, and I wish that Namco would release an OST with all their games like Atlus has been doing.

Overall, if you’ve never played the series, I reccomend at least giving the demo a wholehearted shot. Fans of the series will want to certainly get this game for the sake of having yet another amazing game in their collection.

7.5 / 10