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Children of Mana – SquareEnix – Nintendo DS

Ah, this game is a very solid game indeed. Those of you who enjoy the Mana series games are in for a treat, and for those of you whom have never played a Mana game in your life are going to be surprised that despite the cartoony enemies, this game is worth picking up.

You start off by picking a character and naming him or her. Each character has something they excel in, and there are four to choose from. You may also pick from four different colors, so as to make the options a little more diverse. The characters are bright, and beautifully illustrated, along with the rest of the game. If you’re big on the art of a game, you will not be disappointed in this game.

Children of Mana plays as an action game, with RPG elements tied in. Defeating enemies gain you experience, which works towards your level, better armor and weapons to help you fare better, etc. What adds to this though is the gem frame system they have. There are special gems (over 100 total) that you can pick up and place in a gem frame that add to your abilites. Some are minor, increasing your attack or defense by a bit, but others are very useful, such as using an herb when you’re poisoned to quickly remedy it, or having the healing items double the recovery. The combinations are endless, and the results invaluable.

The game really hasn’t been that difficult, provided you leveled properly throughout the game. Those of you who have played a game where leveling is a priority, and didn’t do enough of it, know the brutal rape you will sustain when going into a fight underleveled. But it remains at a moderate pace, not being too hard, nor too easy, though I must admit some of the bosses could be a bit tougher. They seem somewhat like larger forms of the regular enemies.

The enemies themselves, as stated before, are very cutesy. But do not let that fool you. These guys still pack a punch, especially in the later levels. The acquisition of a mana spirit also adds to the diversity of the game. The multiplayer is also an added bonus, allowing up to three other friends join you in your adventure. The dungeons are randomized, but they all have the same general design, making exploring them feel a bit tedious, and relentless.

Overall, the games diversity with the gems, character creation, and mana spirits are pluses, the simplicity of the boss battles and tediousness of the dungeons get a little timely at times. But don’t let that stop you from at least playing. I would most definitely recommend at least playing for a few hours before actually ruling it out of your library of games. It feels like it would be a hit or a miss game to fans, depending on what your tastes are. Despite its downfalls, I still feel it is a really good game. Unfortunately, my opinion cannot affect the rating of a game.

7.0 / 10