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Mario Hoops 3 on 3 – Nintendo/SquareEnix – Nintendo DS

I know, I know, ANOTHER DS game. Well, if you knew why, then I’d have to kill you. Haha. :) Don’t worry about it, and just enjoy the reviews dammit! I’m not doing this stuff for my health, that’s for sure.

So, Mario Hoops. I know. The first thing that ran through my head was probably the same as yours, “FUCK MARIO!” We’re all sick of seeing him in sports games now. Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, and now Basketball. Notice how he doesn’t play any manly sports like football or rugby huh? Haha, oh well. Don’t worry though, this game doesn’t totally suck.

I won’t lie, the only reason I really picked this game up was because SquareEnix tagged along for the ride. I bet you $20 that if they weren’t involved, this game would totally blow. I started playing though, and I was fairly impressed.

You pick three characters to be on your team. Yeah, a little 3 on 3. How big of a secret was that? Anywho, each character specializes in their own thing. There are All-Around, Technical, Speedy, Powerful, and Tricky characters. I’m not entirely sure of what each one does, but the Powerful and Speedy ones are a little obvious.

What you do, is you go around dribbling on the court to collect coins. Your character dribbles automatically, but you can tap the touch screen to make him/her dribble faster, allowing you to collect coins faster. You can collect up to 100 coins before shooting, and that’s how you score (duh). For normal shots and dunks, you get an extra 20 coins, and for special dunks you get 40.

The touch screen is used just as much as the D pad, allowing for jukes, ball slaps, jumps, passes, whatever. If you wanna do something other than moving, then you better have a second hand. While on defense, the ? blocks can be touched to get some signature Mario items like the green/red turtle shells, banana peels, and a bomb.

The game is really simple to just pick up and play, but its quite a challenge to master. I’m still unlocking things (which there are plenty of) and trying to master the aspects of the game play. With many game modes, and the option to play with someone else, this game is sure to be a good addition to your DS game library.

7.5 / 10