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Threads of Fate – Squaresoft – Playstation

It seemed like every time I wanted to post in here, MyOtaku was down in some fashion. Maybe it was coincidence, or maybe it was plotted, I’m not quite sure, but it explains some of my period of absence. But without further adue, I bring to you more reviews.

Threads of Fate is a story about two individuals, Mint and Rue, who are searching for a relic to grant them what their hearts desire most. They both set off on their own, with their own agendas in mind, but find that they cross paths multiple times. Along the way they find that they are not the only two people in search of the relic, and while some are willing to cooperate with them, some are also out to stop them to get the relic for themselves.

The game, in terms of it’s story is quite amazing, especially for being nine years old as of this date. The characters all have loving personalities, and are just fun to watch develop from the beginning of the game to the end. The story also blurs good and evil, so its hard to tell who’s actions are not so malicious. It’s really a commendable job by the staff.

The gameplay is something else too. This was the first game (that I recollect playing) that you did not level up. Instead, your stats were boosted by your actions. Strength and Defense were built up by items, HP was increased by getting hit, and MP by using magic. Its interesting, but not my personal favorite. I found myself a few times grinding a little to make the bosses a little easier.

Being able to choose between Mint and Rue give the game decent replayability but its definitely worth beating it with both people. Not only do you get the stories from both perspectives, but the characters develop just slightly different for each one. This gives you the opportunity to sort of fill in the blanks and make the story your own.

Graphically, its not anything over the top. The characters are all original, and no sprites are reused. There are no FMV’s or CGA’s at all. This sort of leaves the action sequences a little lacking, but not to the point where the game is unbearable. The music was something fantastic though. Each area had a wonderful melody that complimented each area, and Rod’s tune was a riot.

Overall, I enjoyed the game thoroughly. I did so even more when I finished both stories. If you get a chance to play this game I would definitely give it a shot.

7.0 / 10.0