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Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth – Square-Enix – PSP

I tell ya, this game most definitely took me by surprise. The general style of gameplay is unlike anything I’ve ever played, but I still enjoyed playing it greatly.

You are the Valkyrie, a goddess sent from the heavens to find warriors to fight for you. You train them up while you’re with them, then you sent them off to heaven to prepare for battle. This is basically the style of gameplay that is followed throughout the course of the game.

The characters are beautifully rendered. I’ve never seen art quite like it, and they’re all very detailed in their personality. It is something to be reckoned with, though I suppose I should expect no less from Square-Enix. Also, the voices fit the characters perfectly. I’m thoroughly impressed.

The battle system is a cross between RPG and Action. Each character in your party is assigned to one button (square, circle, etc) and to attack with them all you do is press the corresponding button. Using this, you are able to link together lengthy combos resulting in the devastation of many foes. It’s impressive.

The CG animations are also beautiful. And the option to view them and listen to all the music is definitely an added perk. I’m curious to see if there’s going to be extras at the end of the game.

One downfall that kills me is that there’s really no set destinations when you’re playing, so its very free roaming, and that for me is bothersome. This is especially hard because each town or battlefield you visit takes up one period, and after so many periods go past, the chapter ends, so you’re contained in a ‘time frame’.

Overall, if you have a PSP, I’d say check this game out, even though it’s hard to find. Its a solid game to own.

7.5 / 10